Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real Money Comes From Real Products.

Like me, you have probably been to all these seminars, paying money to learn how to make money.
And what have you been taught? To do the same! To teach people how to make money. And how they will do that? By teaching other people how to make money.
Today everyone knows how to make money by teaching others how to make money. Or how to lose weight or how to train their dogs. One I like most are all these Relation Coach Experts that cannot stay into a relation themselves. Same like all these Money Making Experts who don't have to much.

Every one is looking for a service to add value to the community and get wealthy, But don't get in that trap of thinking that teaching other people how to make money or having better relationship will get you there.

This market belongs to the big gurus, who already make millions from it.
To succeed you need to have your own product.

I know, and I don't contest that they are Big Gurus out there that makes tones of money by teaching you how to make money, but they have something that you probably don't have.
They have a Personal Brand, people buy their books and courses because they are unique.
After them come all their apprentices and try to sell the same thing over and over.

Then come the others down the line, trying to sell the same information again, and again, and again.
The information age is gone. The Internet is moving with the speed of Fibber Optic Light.

New strategies develop over night.

If you try to sell information, you are on the wrong track.
Big gurus give the information FREE to get people to sign to their membership sites or to their 12 month courses. Where in fact they teach the same information that was given out for FREE but this time in small portions. So we can digest it better.
I know because I'm living it. I have been to all seminars to learn how to make money. From Stock and Forex Traiding to Internet Marketing.

I lost money on both of them.

But I learned two things. It cost me over 15,000 on Seminars, courses and platinum memberships.

And all I learned are two things.
First that the Internet Marketing is changing fast, so fast that the Information products become out of date the day after their release.
Some gurus will teach you to twist and resale the same Info. It will not work, the market is flooded with info products.

How many e-books or courses do you think you can sell about: Making Money, Facebook Advertising, Relationship, Internet Marketing, How to lose weight, How to Keep your Hair and so on?
The Market is flooded with all these How To do things, and one can you find all these FREE now.
The big players are reaching on webinars millions of people eager to learn all these things.
What do you think is left for you? Probably some very good friends who want to support you in your new Coaching Business.

Get real!

If you want to succeed get a Real Product.

A product that you can drop, ship to a consumer, a product that is eatable, drinkable and that one can reorder.

Now with the power of the Internet you can be as big as the Coca Cola.

You can reach people all over the globe, and have the product dropped, shipped to every house where there is a postal system.

The product has to be:
Healthy, Consumable, already used by everyone and sold on the Internet. The Drop shipping system should already be in place. (Do not try to reinvent the wheel.)

Do you want to find out about the product that everyone wants it, everyone already uses it and you can sell it and make money?

Go to http://www.ganodermacoffee.org.uk/ and watch the video I put it there for you!

For Health and Wealth,

Radu Zamfir

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