Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Commercial Photographer

The art of photography has been dubbed as "writing with light" this basically means to tell a story through the creative medium of photographic art. There are various different types of photography and when it comes to photographers they have a plethora of skills and they can cater for different industries or specialise in one type of photography. A commercial photographer is someone who undertakes photography for commercial purposes, for example, advertising, brochures, menus, food photography, and various others. The client is usually someone who is seeking to promote a particular product.

Who do Commercial Photographers Work with?

When it comes to commercial photography there are various types of clients.

Advertising Companies

Advertising companies usually need commercial photographers to take photos of a particular product for advertising purposes.

For example, a new sports drink is due to be released on to the commercial market.  Therefore a large advertising campaign needs to take place. This is where a commercial photographer will be needed.

Record Labels

A record label might need a commercial photographer to photograph their artists for CD cover art, press photos, and promotional images. When it comes to music, image is key, therefore a professional commercial photographer needs to be able to capture the essence of the artist using visual imagery. Look at it like this, the artist biography tells the story of the artist in words. However the photograph of the artist conveys a message about the image of the artist in a visual format. Some photographers say that, when they take pictures they aim to capture the very core of the product, individual or scenery in kaleidoscopic form.

Estate Agencies

Why would estate agencies need a commercial photographer? Most estate agencies take the pictures of properties themselves; however some of the high end estate agencies require very high quality photographs. Therefore such high end companies use commercial photographers to get the high end specification pictures they need to represent the image they are trying to project.

Commercial Builders

Commercial builders often use commercial photographers to take photos of their most successful building projects, either to use for their brochures, websites or promotional material.

Food Companies

Food companies such as restaurants, food stores, and food manufacturers find commercial photographers invaluable to the promotion of their business. For example restaurants use professional commercial photographers to take pictures of their dishes to be used on menus and even for advertising purposes. Food manufacturers need photographs for packaging purposes as well as advertising. Therefore when it comes to the food industry commercial photography is imperative.

A commercial photographer must be able to comprehend the clients brief, and undertake the project professionally, clearly understanding the nature of the project.  Generally photographers should be able to capture the very essence of whatever it is they are photographing, telling a complete and comprehensive story using vivid imagery.

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