Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real ID = A Real Bad Idea

History is repetitious. It is laden with cases against privacy invasion by the government and by private corporate entities. Initially, these schemes are presented to the people as solutions to serious problems.

The social security number was initially instituted for the sole purpose of assigning the benefit of a bare minimum social safety net for the disabled and the elderly unable to work who might not have had the ability to save adequately for their "golden years" because of not having chances for good jobs during their youth and middle-aged years. This is especially true for women who are 90% more likely to be poor in their twilight years than men due to widowhood, divorce, plus disadvantages during their peak working years such as job discrimination and time out of the workforce for childbearing.

But the social security number is being misused in the insidious practice of "poverty profiling" by employers, staffing agencies, utility companies and insurance carriers.

Poverty profiling is a tool used by employers to deny jobs to those who need a job the most: the poor. It is done through the universal practice of pulling job applicants' credit reports. Your credit report is linked to your social security number.

The social security number was never intended from its inception to be used as a universal identifier for everything under the sun. It was only to be used for the purposes of social security. But the corporate class, have figured out a way to use the social security number as a means to ensure their own seat at the top by keeping everyone else down and "in their place." Since this over-privileged over-class controls our government and designs the tax laws to privilege themselves at the expense of everyone else, it is no surprise that corporations are allowed to invade job applicants' privacy by requiring them to disclose their social security numbers on job applications.

When you apply for a job, you must fill out an application in addition to providing a resume. By signing the job application, you grant consent for the prospective employer to run a credit check. When an employer pulls your credit report obtained through coerced disclosure of your social security number on the job application, they find out everything about you. The credit report lists your date of birth and your address. Your address shows whether or not you live in the "wrong neighborhood". Your birth date enables employers to discriminate against you because of your age . Medical bills are also on your credit report, which is indicative of possible ongoing medical conditions - which employers use in order discriminate against people with medical conditions or disabilities, even if such has no bearing on the ability to perform the essential functions of the job.

It has been a universal practice to deny job opportunities to people with poor credit regardless of their skills, education, or job-specific qualifications. The result is that those who are poor and in most need of a job don't get hired. It is the poor who have the worst credit because being poor means not having enough income to be able to live and pay your basic bills.

Employers justify the practice of poverty-profiling claiming that the poor are most likely to steal and such privacy-invading measures limit the corporations' exposure to employee theft. Hatred for the poor among the middle and upper-middle class is the result of social engineering by the elite. Through major media (on which the rich have a monopoly) the poor have been stereotyped as criminals, as uneducated,as lazy bums, as druggies and as irresponsible bad apples. The elite's puppets in government have convinced the majority of Americans that the poor are "undeserving" and "unworthy", that their poverty was solely their own fault. The elite brainwashed Americans into believing that the poor don't want to work, that the poor are "trash." When people are dehumanized, it's easy to treat them as disposable, as "lives unworthy of life."

The corporate class has used the invasion of privacy to hurt people through social security number disclosure and credit checks in the rates they charge you for essential goods and services. Utility monopolies, auto insurance carriers, and oil cartels are legally allowed to charge the poor more for life-sustaining utilities and for legally required auto insurance. It has been shown that the poor are charged 30% more for mandatory auto insurance, natural gas, oil, and electric. The selfish class has not only enriched themselves by robbing the poor, but by subterfuge of Americans' Constitutional rights.

The invasion of our private and personal spheres by the rich parasite class did not begin with the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, and biometric and RFID technology in enhanced ID's in a national ID scheme under the Real ID Act of 2005. It began with corporations abusing the social security number in order to engage in poverty-profiling to deny jobs to the poor; and as a license to steal through unfair utility and insurance rate tiering.

The elite has put the average American in a no-win situation. Since the majority of Americans are not independently wealthy, it's a given that most Americans need jobs in order to earn a living through work. When you're poor and hungry, and you're told that in order to apply for a job you must disclose your social security number and consent to a credit check or else you don't get a job; that is coercion. It's coercion, it's blackmail, and it's extortion. It is taking away your liberties and freedoms as a sovereign citizen of the United States.

When you are told by your government that you must allow private corporations, foreign governments and your own government access to your DNA, medical history, financial status, et al, that is biometricly encoded in an RFID capable ID pursuant to the Real ID Act of 2005 or else you won't be allowed to use public transportation, that is NOT for your "protection" - it is for your enslavement. It's telling you that there is nothing you can possess that the globalist elite cannot take away from you - even your life.

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