Sunday, August 19, 2012

Villa Holidays

Villa holidays can feature many of the key elements that make up the perfect break – comfortable and private accommodation, peaceful and attractive surroundings and great weather hopefully.

Holidays are made up of a combination of many factors, all of which contribute to a great experience if things turn out well. For different people this combination of elements will vary. While some will prefer an active holiday resort, full of attractions and organised events, others will go for the opposite, opting for a remote spot where peace and quiet is the signature of every day. Sun and sand beach holidays are chosen by millions every year, while the beauty and seclusion of the high mountains is something others return to regularly.

The key components of any holiday typically include the weather and the type of accommodation, but food quality, service levels, good company, seaside opportunities, local sightseeing, sporting options and attractive scenery are all ranked as important.

In selecting a holiday from a travel brochure or website we make judgements on what we are purchasing based on the information available. We study the hotel features, check websites that cover the local area and read reviews posted by previous visitors. Once we make a selection and book the holiday, we are then relying on the accuracy of that information and the quality of the travel company to make sure our holiday turns out well. Certain elements are then out of our control, the weather of course, but also the standard of the hotel and the food it provides, the service levels provided by the hotel staff and of course whether we get on with the other hotel residents. If we have been to a resort or hotel before then we may know what we are getting, but for new locations a certain amount of uncertainty remains and it is that uncertainty that many people feel uncomfortable about.

By opting for a villa holiday, much of that uncertainty is taken away and a high degree of flexibility and control is returned to the holidaymaker, and that perhaps is one of the key attractions of this type of holiday.

Once we have found and booked the type of villa we want, many of the remaining holiday components remain totally under our control, except for the weather of course. We can choose what we want to do everyday and when we do it. We can get up early and enjoy the sunrise or perhaps have a lie in and recharge our batteries without being disturbed. We can choose what to eat and when we want to eat, not being restricted by hotel timetables. One favourite option is to visit a nearby market, purchase some regional produce and try out a local recipe. If we don’t want to cook for ourselves we can pick a local restaurant to try and if it does not meet our standards we are quite free to choose a different one the next day. If the villa has its own private swimming pool we can opt to sit around it all day, undisturbed by others or we can pack a few things and head down to the local beach.

Cost is also a factor when it comes to booking a villa holiday. Unlike some other types of holiday accommodation, villas are usually priced per property, so for larger families or groups of friends a villa can prove to be a very cost effective choice. If you like your space and can afford to rent a large villa, then you’ll enjoy the luxury of having the whole property to yourself, with rooms to relax in, eat in, sleep in, plus all the outdoor space. In some cases you may be left to your own devices for the entire duration of your stay. In many cases a housekeeper will visit the property once or twice each week and in the case of luxury serviced villas, you may even have fulltime staff or a dedicated cook.

Choice is the key element of villa holidays and as well as there being many different villas to choose from, once your holiday has started the ability to tailor it and choose exactly what you do remains throughout.

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