Friday, August 17, 2012

Chicken Housing

There are many types of chicken housing units used in the world. Most are for the raising of chickens as a source of protein for humans. For that purpose there are chicken coops that can be either a fixed structure or of portable design. Each having it own advantages and each meeting the needs of the set up required by the person raising the chickens. There are also those in the world that choose to have chickens as pets. The chicken does make a fine pet and can be trained to follow one around the lawn. They are also used as an intruder alarm but no matter why they are there a great advantage of chickens is where they get a portion of their diet. Bug and insects are what chickens are looking for when they peak at the ground. If a person has a bug problem in there lawn, a chicken or group of chickens can help eliminate the problem.

This is done in almost every country in the world.

But there are some countries that use chickens for purposes other than eating or as pets. Most countries have outlawed blood sports involving animals but not all. A prized fighting rooster is many countries is still a valuable source of not only entertainment but income. Many people carry their prize birds with them and when visiting friends and neighbors. There need to be a place to house them on these occasions. For this purpose there are benches designed to house the roosters under where the owner would sit while at a friend's house. Some of these benches that house the chickens are great works of art. The hand carvings and intricate detail is admirable. The reason for their existence might turn off some people but as a fine piece of furnishing, most are handmade and one of a kind.

It just depends on which part of the world can determine what type of chicken housing is available.

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